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Staff Directory


Name Contact Position
Jamie Jameson Principal
Kayla N. Verbic Assistant Principal


 Office Staff

Name Contact Position
Cory J. Hiles Attendance/Records Secretary
Shawnna L. White Secretary to the Principal

 Health Office

Name Contact Position
Lori M. Williams School Nurse

 Student Services

Name Contact Position
Maria N. Bronzell Guidance Counselor
Anni Christensen

Military Family Life Counselor

Ryan M. Fraer Teacher Apprentice
Kimberly I. Lutz

Pupil Personnel Worker

Frank W. Runkles ESOL Teacher
Jennifer V. Salter School Psychologist
Shontia C. Waul In School Intervention Center Paraeducator
Kimberly I. Lutz

Pupil Personnel Worker

Teresa R. Woolford Dedicated Substitute


Name Contact Position
Angela M. Lowthert Pre-Kindergarten Special Education Teacher
Trina D. Clavelli Pre-Kindergarten Paraeducator
Kristie A. Mattingly Pre-Kindergarten Special Education Teacher
Eileen R. Fowler Pre-Kindergarten Paraeducator
Kelly G. Rosborough Pre-Kindergarten Paraeducator
Kaitlin O. Allan Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Alison E. Guy Pre-Kindergarten Paraeducator
Kimberly A. Hoffman Pre-Kindergarten Paraeducator
Amy D. Readyhough Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Sharon J. Gonzalez Pre-Kindergarten Paraeducator
Sharon Owen Pre-Kindergarten Paraeducator


Name Contact Position
Harmony R. Ferris Kindergarten Teacher
Kelli M. Boswell Kindergarten Paraeducator
Jill A. Higgs Kindergarten Teacher
Andrea F. Ziemba Kindergarten Paraeducator
Christina M. Nueslein Kindergarten Teacher
Evilla S. Dennis Kindergarten Paraeducator

 First Grade

Name Contact Position
Kylie B. Duncan 1st Grade Teacher
Sona Y. Powell 1st Grade Teacher
Mary Elise Ritter 1st Grade Teacher

Second Grade

Name Contact Position
Lauren L. Goldsmith 2nd Grade Teacher
Cierra L. Harris 2nd Grade Teacher
Leanne M. McCarron 2nd Grade Teacher
Christina L. Walsh 2nd Grade Teacher

Third Grade

Name Contact Position
Michelle E. Groft 3rd Grade Teacher
Carson R. Hayden 3rd Grade Teacher
Megan E. Norris 3rd Grade Teacher
Corinne (Corey) N. Thibault 3rd Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade

Name Contact Position
Kelly L. Ahern 4th Grade Teacher
Shelby Blair 4th Grade Teacher
Amanda K. Goss 4th Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

Name Contact Position
Staci K. Eccleston 5th Grade Teacher
Kayla D. Gloss 5th Grade Teacher
Kathleen K. Hammett Long Term Substitute
Nicole M. Hastings 5th Grade Teacher

Instructional Resource

Name Contact Position

Ayanna D. Foster-Kelson Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT)

Brittany M. Sobocinski Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT)


Name Contact Position
M. Nicole Beard Music and Chorus Teacher
Michael D. Corbett Physical Education Teacher
Noel E. Farrell Media Specialist
Annaleise D. Jones Strings Teacher
Rebecca (Becky) A. Litten Physical Education Teacher
Jennifer L. Meyers Art Teacher
Peter P. Romano Band Teacher
Kerry L. Romano Music Teacher
Terri White Media Clerk 

Special Education

Name Contact Position
Nicole M. Asmus Special Education Paraeducator
Andrea L. Atlas Pre-Kindergarten Speech Pathologist
Margaret M. Conway Speech Pathologist
Christine M. Guy Special Education Teacher
Mary F. Portono Occupational Therapist
Kristin L. Simpson Special Education Teacher
Stephanie L. Thomson Special Education Paraeducator

Building Service Staff

Name Contact Position
Lorenzo R. Gross Building Service Worker
Ryan M. Hoffman Assistant Building Service Manager
Tameka Nowlin Building Service Worker
Mary Jo Sargent Building Service Manager

Cafeteria Staff

Name Contact Position
Kimberly A. Hamilton Cafeteria Manager
Ashley N. Gray Cafeteria Worker
Vanessa M. Hernandez Cafeteria Worker
Tammy F. Tancredi Cafeteria Worker