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Leonardtown Elementary operates with Passion, Purpose, and Pride.  We value the traditions that have made this school a pillar within our community and are striving to be known as the Flagship School of St. Mary’s County.

Summer Break!

SMCPS schools are on summer break from June 10th until August 21st.

Leonardtown Elementary is located within the corporate limits of a St. Mary's County town by the same name.  The town's population is around 4500, and it serves as the "County Seat".  The quaint streets and local businesses have seen a recent revitalization.  The Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department, Rescue Squad and Post Office are within walking distance of the school.     The Patuxent River Naval Air Station has made an influence on what was an historically agricultural and water-based community. 
The school's strengths come from its history.  The brick school was constructed in 1954 and replaced a much older "Leonardtown School" that dates back to the 1930's.  In the years that followed, various additions and renovations were completed.  In 2008, the school underwent the most recent renovation.  Currently, the school boasts over 14,000 square feet of space on 17 acres of property.  There are many local folks who have childhood memories attached to Leonardtown Elementary.   Our aim is to keep tradition alive, honor those who have come before us, while embracing the challenges of educating a next generation that will advance the ideals of our community.

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Leonardtown Elementary is composed of 500 students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5.   18% of students meet the criteria for Economic Disadvantage.  13% of students are connected to the military, and 9% of the population requires specialized instruction through Individual Education Plans.  By race and ethnicity, LES is represented as follows:  3% Asian, 12% African American, 6% Hispanic, 7% 2 or more races, and 71% Caucasian.

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